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What Thinking Trap is Limiting Your Performance?

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Hey, I'm Elizabeth Louis

If you hunger to optimize performance to achieve success, I may know a few things about you. Like…

  • Inside, you may feel mentally tortured, lonely, & apathetic.

  • You’re impatient! That change needed to manifest yesterday.

  • You only trust the science. You could care less about that person’s opinion.

  • You’re uncomfortable with negative emotions, and you feel like an a**hole at times, especially when setting boundaries.

  • You hunger to be an extraordinary leader but have no idea how to communicate effectively.

  • You’re making a handful of mistakes because your impulsivity & emotions are clouding your judgment.

  • Mastering your mindset is important to you, but you don’t know where to start.

  • Your past haunts you, causing you to feel defeated and keeping you in your comfort zone.

  • Most days, you feel trapped between fear and stress.

  • You sincerely believe your life could have more money, success, excitement, joy, and fun.

If any of these points resonated, then I am the Executive Performance Coach for you!


  • Mastering your mindset

  • A life where you are optimistic, confident, and excited for your future

  • Being a respected, persuasive, & influential people leader who leads your team to victory.

  • Controlling your emotions, behaviors, and impulsivity

  • Navigating stress, chaos, confrontation, difficulty, and the unknown with composure and confidence

  • Mentally disconnecting from work with ease, regardless of the mayhem that tries to pull you back.

  • Living your dream life where you have made the impossible possible

  • Increased self-esteem, confidence, and belief in yourself

  • Creating winning routines and mindsets that help you stay focused and committed to reaching your goals

….this CAN be you in as little as 2 months with radical transformation in as little as 3 sessions!

But only if you desire to change. Without that desire, we'd be wasting your time. If you are ready to master your mindset, optimize performance, and make the impossible possible, I am the Executive Performance Coach for you.

Master Your Mindset

How to Master Your Mindset by

Before you can make any cognitive changes, you must first know your mind’s automatic negative ways of thinking. Thinking traps naturally limit one’s performance. Since these ways of thinking are automatic, we must first grow our awareness.

Take the Free Quiz now to learn which Thinking Traps you naturally fall into, limiting your performance.

Are you ready to make the impossible Possible?

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I changed after meeting Elizabeth in 2018. She helped me unlock another half of my brain, and I am still on that journey 4-years later. Elizabeth helped me and my partners mold are team to achieve our dreams. Now, 4-years later our company is worth a billion dollars. Because of Elizabeth, my team and I have righted our ship. Thank you, Elizabeth
Brahman S
I met Elizabeth because my company contracted with her to coach our employees. I was resistant and skeptical at first. However, I found Elizabeth invaluable. Elizabeth is easy to work with. She created a comfortable environment that allowed me to address my weaknesses. Her system also helps you capitalize more effectively on your strengths. I left each meeting with a concise, actionable plan. In just a few weeks, my closing rate increased by 25% ($4M a month), and her advice improved my relationship with my wife. Do yourself a favor and work with Elizabeth! I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone serious about improvement and excellence.
Mike R
20-year veteran Financial Advisor

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Mind Over Matter

I have spent my entire life studying human behavior and dissecting my own choices, reality, and traumas. I have gone through proverbial hell and come back, better, tougher, stronger, and with great self-efficacy. I have seen the impossible become possible!

Understanding psychology is essential for a therapist but doesn’t hold a candle to living through hardships and overcoming it. Not only am I geek, who genuinely enjoys reading neurobiology textbooks for fun, but I am also someone who has gone through tremendous hardship. I learned early on in life, that whether you think you can or cannot, you’re right!

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