My Approach

With formal and collegiate training as a professional coach and consultant, I have built my coaching practice on a foundation involving neuroscience, neuroplasticity, the anatomy of the brain, the power of mindset, solution-focused psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, the psychology of success, linguistics, emotional intelligence, leadership principles, business fundamentals, acceptance, and other proven  personal and professional development techniques. I see every client as a whole human, meaning I do not  believe in compartmentalizing my clients. If one has concerns in their personal life most likely they also have concerns in their professional life and vice-versa. 

My Experience

Elizabeth Louis Coaching was founded in 2015. However, I have been problem solving, analyzing, discovering patterns, and solutions my entire life. 

I have clients all over America. My clients range from entrepreneurs to large companies. The list of my clients range from Car dealerships, Financial Advisors, Investment Firms, college students trying to figure out their manager, interior designers, health and wellness firms, and private individuals.  

Why Me?

Unlike most coaches and consultants, I hold a Masters of Science in Positive Psychology with a sub-specialty in Coaching Psychology. I am formally trained as a professional coach to work with companies, executives, and individuals to excel in personal and professional development. In addition to my Masters in Positive Psychology, I have three coaching certifications, and am currently obtaining my second Masters of Art in Counseling. I am efficiently trained in psychology, and have the skills, resources, and tools to help you get to the desired outcome. 


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