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I changed after meeting Elizabeth in 2018. She helped me unlock another half of my brain, and I am still on that journey 4-years later. Elizabeth helped me and my partners mold are team to achieve our dreams. Now, 4-years later our company is worth a billion dollars. Because of Elizabeth, my team and I have righted our ship. Thank you, Elizabeth

Brahman S.   Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur

I met Elizabeth because my company contracted with her to coach our employees. I was resistant and skeptical at first. However, I found Elizabeth invaluable.

Elizabeth is easy to work with. She created a comfortable environment that allowed me to address my weaknesses. Her system also helps you capitalize more effectively on your strengths. I left each meeting with a concise, actionable plan. In just a few weeks, my closing rate increased by 25% ($4M a month), and her advice improved my relationship with my wife.

Do yourself a favor and work with Elizabeth! I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone serious about improvement and excellence.

Mike R.   20-year veteran Financial Advisor

Prior to meeting Elizabeth, I operated under the false assumption that you needed to be sick or hurt to seek help. I was wrong. I found Elizabeth to be instrumental in shifting my mindset toward constant improvement. Improvement meant as a person, a husband and business owner. Gratitude became a tool. Patience became a character trait. Success soon followed. Elizabeth prepares you for greatness and encourages you to seek it.

Wagner A.   Real Estate Sponsor & Developer

Out of all the coaches and counselors I’ve had sessions with in my life (including one who taught at the graduate level at an Ivy league school), Elizabeth is by far the most empathetic, patient, and understanding of them all. What resonated most with me is that she adjusts her style to you. I am very action-oriented, needing goals to strive towards and milestones to achieve. Elizabeth recognized that early on and made sure our sessions ended with clear action items for me to achieve my end goal. Moreover, coming from a biochemical research background and in an analytical role at Google, I particularly appreciated Elizabeth’s solid understanding of both neurology and psychology when explaining why I feel or act the way I do when I wish otherwise. All in all, I’ve grown so much as an individual and clarified more of what I wanted to achieve in life through my sessions with Elizabeth. Just as working out at the gym and eating healthy are important for your physical health, it is just as important that we look after our mental wellbeing. In my own opinion, there is no better coach out there than Elizabeth Louis.

Shelly K.   Sr. Analyst at a Fortune 50 Company

Elizabeth was so helpful to me during a tough time in my life. She appeared to be a tenacious and resilient person and a very valuable coach. She really gave me some light when I was feeling drab and empty. The homework, sessions and her careful listening and direction have truly buoyed up my spirit. Thank you so much.

David W.   Psychotherapist

It is a rare pleasure to work with someone as direct and candid as Elizabeth. She has the unique ability to coach clients through seemingly complex issues in a simple, straightforward manner. In the unusual circumstance, where she can’t lead you, the client, to the solution, she tells you what you need to hear to solve the problem, and not what you want to hear. Elizabeth has been extremely helpful in realigning my thoughts and approach in both my career and interpersonal relationships. Simply put, she is very effective at what she does. She would be a great asset to anyone looking to kick it up a notch.

Hunter K.   Trader

Elizabeth is one of those people who you bring in for one thing but ends up delivering on way more. Her ability to seek out the root of the obstacles you’re facing both personally and professionally is beyond transformational- it’s a game changer, and a life changer. She not only knows how to problem solve, but also on how to take your life to the next level. Elizabeth is the person to bring into your life to help you reach that next step of greatness.

Brandon F.   Professional Speaker

Elizabeth is an extremely thoughtful and aware person, who can apply logic at the same time as compassion to get amazing results. She prescribed the attention and focus needed to make an ‘out of the ordinary’ situation extremely comfortable. She has a certain uniqueness and specialty to read between the lines and keep her clients moving in the right direction. She is very switched on and is able to not only think outside the box, but also apply those creative ideas in a specific and personal way. I would take any opportunity to speak to Elizabeth again in the future!

Freddy M.   CEO & Entrepreneur

There aren’t words to describe how amazing Elizabeth is. She is truly full of wisdom and understanding to help others walk out this thing we call life. Elizabeth’s insight on how the mind works and the issues we all face is nothing short of brilliant. Her heart to help others is truly reflected in all she does! 5 Stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Stephanie G.   RN Case Manager

Working with Elizabeth has truly helped me step back and see the trees and forest. One 60-minute conversation with her addressed so many internal issues I had about my business that I was finally able to come up with a growth plan. I do not know of a better investment I have made of time or money than scheduling with Elizabeth!

Jacob B.   DevOps Engineer

When I first met Elizabeth, I was hit with what seemed like an impossible scenario. Elizabeth and I worked together to visualize the future I wanted, both personally and professionally. I am happy to say that my career performance indicators ended 2018 at an all time high and I am continuing to overcome (and win) a huge fight personally.

Julie S.   Recruiting Manager

Elizabeth is an amazing in her craft of coaching. She has assisted me in improving my personal attitude toward my company’s success. Keep it going Elizabeth

Ronald B.   President

Elizabeth is everything a coach should be. When I was in career transition, I was looking for someone to help me refine a plan to work toward my goals, and to give me that extra “push” into action. Elizabeth encourages me to reach higher and always holds me accountable. And as an aspiring executive myself, I especially appreciate that she specializes in coaching executives and CEOs.

George F.   Planning Manager

I met Elizabeth through a mutual friend, and I’ve had the incredible privilege to be a coaching client of hers. I was in a place of feeling “stuck” and I was unsure how to get unstuck. Working with Elizabeth has given me the courage to step out and take back control of my life. If you are in need of someone to walk with you to help you accomplish your dreams/goals or if you need someone to hash things out with, I cannot recommend Elizabeth enough.

Lindsay L.  

I highly recommend coaching with Elizabeth!!!Not only is she wise beyond her years she is also an incredibly intuitive woman. I have coached with her on many occasions and though I may feel uncomfortable at times I always leave feeling like I have a solid plan and am ready to put the plans we discuss into action. She has helped me overcome obstacles both at work and in my personal life, as well as, helped me see that I know most of the answers that I didn’t think I had. I know that because of my sessions with Elizabeth I am further along in my life journey than I would have been without her coaching. Absolutely time well spent!

Watson B.   General Manager

I met Elizabeth during a time when my eating disorder was taking over my life. I knew I wanted more positivity in my life, to feel better, to be powerful, and increase my confidence. Elizabeth helped me have a fighting chance. While working with her, I chose to do the hard work and recover. I was scared of the process, but she made the transition a breeze. She taught me how to navigate fear, increase my mental flexibility, and safely confront the unresolved issues of my life. I knew that I could change my life story and life direction with Elizabeth by my side. I DID IT. Elizabeth truly helped and encouraged me to make drastic changes in my life that saved me. She quickly helped me identify negative, toxic, or fear-based mindsets controlling and fooling me. She is a great support system and the best of help.

Corne, 17   lives in South Africa

I reached out to Liz in a pinch in need of some strategies and direction in order to deal with a situation between family members over the holiday. It was really helpful to talk with her and get a roadmap for my upcoming conversation so that I could make sure to stick to my boundaries and avoid any pitfalls that might escalate the situation with my family. Conversations with my family are ongoing but they got off to a good start thanks to Liz’s advice and I can’t thank her enough for that.

Kelsey H.   Business Coordinator

I went to Elizabeth in hopes of improving my mindset, clarifying what I want from my life, and getting some relationship help. She delivered in all three areas and more. I appreciated that she made abstract psychology a linear science and brought many scientific components to the conversation. The education she provided helped me understand myself better and grew my awareness significantly. She helped me better understand why I do what I do, which helped me make overdo changes in my life. After each session, I left with clear action steps, increased selfconfidence, and more positivity. I appreciated the education and validation she provided. Elizabeth will help you!

Harris C.   Processes Analyst at a Fortune 100 company

During my time with Elizabeth, we focused on coping with new transitions with COVID, quarantine, WFH, layoffs, workplace dynamics, gaining clarity, and improving my assertiveness. She held me to identify my thinking traps, values and helped me communicate more effectively. I left each session with a concrete action plan. She also helped me create more coherent and satisfying habits & routines for my life. From working with Elizabeth, I have a better work-fromhome routine. I now know how to reframe my perspectives, can quickly notice when I fall into thinking traps, and have grown my resilience in navigating difficult times.

Julie W.   Director of Implementation at a Fortune 500 company

I came to Elizabeth right after COVID because I needed help getting out of the low energy/unmotivated state. I wanted to establish a routine, connect with people, commit to that routine, be more intentional with relationships, learn how to set boundaries, improve my communication with my partner, and learn how to voice things that were originally difficult for me. She helped me effectively do all of that and more. She provided me with invaluable insights into my psyche and applicable things I could do to get the change I was after. Elizabeth helped me learn I didn’t know how to connect deeply with people virtually, which cut me from meaningful connections with most of my close friends and family. She also helped me see how important exercise was for my mental health. I have re-established a routine for myself, especially exercising, which helped me regain my energy level. I am now more vocal about needing space which has helped me improve my relationships.

Cuyler D., Sr.   Staff Software Engineer/Sr. Tech Manager at a Fortune 100 company

Elizabeth & I focused on my anxiety, catastrophizing tendencies, and self-esteem. I gained various helpful tools, such as learning how to redirect my thoughts and understand them; this helped me manage my thoughts and anxiety levels. Elizabeth educated me on the brain, how it works, and how to rewire my brain. I used that understanding to help me better understand how my mind works and why I do some of the things I do. She helped me understand the pathology of my thoughts and what they can lead me to do. This has helped me see life from a different perspective, stay more present, and feel less anxious. Elizabeth helped me stop making bad habits that I have wanted to break for years in less than six sessions. After a year of working with her, I have the most self-control I have ever had and know how to navigate stress and difficult situations much more healthily.

Andrea G.  

Elizabeth has taught me so much about myself in a short period. This pandemic created a lot of anxiety, loneliness, and relationship issues in my life. I’ve learned how to understand my anxiety, recognize my thinking traps, and really be mindful of how I’m acting in my relationships and identifying my values in each social situation. I sometimes come off very insecure, and Elizabeth has really helped me walk through the situation before overreacting, which has helped so much in the meaningful relationships in my life.

Laura M.   Executive Recruiter for a Fortune 100 company

The goal of my coaching session was to become better at communicating in my relationships (personal & professional). Elizabeth helped me work out different phrases to use, how to identify different personalities and communicate in each other’s languages, how to understand my emotions, and practice being kinder to myself. I am going back to my faith more to really understand the areas that speak to me so I have a foundation. I am also learning different ways to express my emotions rather than reacting. I have found this useful as I communicate in my personal and professional life to avoid miscommunication as much as possible. Above all, Elizabeth has helped me to ask more for myself first and focus on loving myself again.

Dilara P.   Client Solutions Manager at a Fortune 100 company

Elizabeth & I focused on thinking traps, difficult conversations, and building a strong vision of my ideal self. From these discussions, I have better been able to identify negative self-talk, identify and pull myself out of thinking traps and feel more comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. However, my biggest takeaway has been awareness and being able to take a step back and gain perspective on the issues I am dealing with. I now can quickly identify my thinking traps and have the awareness to pull myself out and try to think through them logically rather than emotionally. I have also been able to better separate work and my self-worth and learn to find ways to pull myself out of downward spirals (particularly at night) by leveraging many of the tools Elizabeth shared with me and the tools we developed that are unique to me.

Amelia B.   Social Media Strategist

Elizabeth has helped me bring unresolved trauma to the surface and begin to unravel some areas of my life. Until meeting her, I hadn’t been able to make any progress or resolutions inside of myself regarding the unresolved trauma. Many of the habits or thinking traps that I had gotten into have created a lot of emotional suffering for me. So with her help, I have felt the beginning of something healing and extraordinary emerging from within me. After only a few sessions, I put the following into practice: better boundaries, the ability to say no, stop being over sympathetic or try to care-take everyone. I feel more autonomous in my thought processes and more confident. I am definitely making better decisions in support of my life. I continue to work with her because I believe I can go deeper and really be more of a leader in my life, where I live up to the ideals and goals I have for myself. I know Elizabeth can help provide the tools I need because she has already helped me get radical transformation quickly. Working with her has been so enriching! Elizabeth is a phenomenal coach! I am so grateful to be working with her 🙂

Kelly C.   General Manager at Fortune 500 company

Elizabeth has helped me be more present and focus on my strengths and what I like about myself to spur confidence and promote general positivity. All of the tools I’ve been taught have helped me to put the little things that typically trigger anxiety into perspective and make me feel hopeful that I can achieve more fulfillment in my life and self-compassion for myself. I have been utilizing the tools I’ve learned, including journaling, positive self-talk, noting and mindfulness, and acknowledging/dismissing/reframing negative thoughts. The biggest takeaway for me is that I’m starting to look at how I think differently and not accept the suffering as an essential piece of my daily life. I feel very hopeful and excited to implement what I’ve learned after each session.

Molly P.   PR Director & Corporate Communications at a Fortune 50 Company

I focused on handling stress, being kind to myself, and how to be a better communicator. Elizabeth has helped me recognize the self-sabotaging and self-hatred behaviors I participate in and has helped me stop doing it. Just yesterday, I randomly thought about an embarrassing moment in my life. Though I still cringed mentally, I calmed myself down by thinking about the good that came from it and how I’ve learned and grown from the experience. How anyone could have made the same mistake, and that it’s all right. Learning to be a better communicator was particularly helpful in both my personal & professional life. ELIZABETH VALIDATES HOW I FEEL when I express my hurt feelings and frustrations. She helps me see it from the other person’s POV empathetically and mindfully. Overall, in stressful situations, I have learned how to respond and control myself. For me, two things have been most helpful thus far: Elizabeth’s insights when I can’t see past my own frustrations and information about studies or recommended readings. The former is self-explanatory. The latter has to do with me feeling more at ease when ideas are grounded in science or authoritative figures.

Jess P.   Solutions Consultant at a Fortune 100 company

Elizabeth has shown me how to Reframe a negative situation & to pull myself out of destructive thinking. Ex: I was given a project I didn’t want to work on. Instead of lamenting the extra work and how much it was a hassle to do, I tried to find what I enjoyed about it. That’s helped me look at the project as less of a chore and something I can be creative with. She’s also shown me how to leverage Self-compassion. Ex: Instead of berating myself for past mistakes, I’m learning to accept them, tell myself it’s ok, and remind myself of the good that came of it.

Josh K.   Analytical Consultant at a Fortune 100 company

Elizabeth and I focused on family, relationships, and career. The most helpful tools that I gained were the ways to handle stress and develop new perspectives to deal with internal fears and struggles. Additionally, I had an open forum to discuss my thoughts in a safe space, which helped me better understand what I’m feeling and process things. Overall, she has helped me better understand myself, reflect on my behaviors, improve decision-making, and enhance my mental well-being. I have gained tremendous value after only six sessions.

John B.   Client Solutions Manager at a Fortune 100 Company

Elizabeth & I focused on mindset, values, stress, relationships, and how to navigate difficult situations. She helped me get clearer on what I wanted out of life and how to achieve that success. After gaining clarity, Elizabeth helped me make a bite-sized action plan that I have maintained. I learned how to make effective decisions and recognized when I was reacting with emotions instead of responding with intentionality. She helped me learn how to manage anxiety & depression, how to reframe hardship, and how to set myself up for success. She really understood my mental frustration and how to alleviate it. Hire her. You won’t regret it!

Kim C.   Recruiter at a Fortune 100 Company

I found that speaking with Elizabeth about how I can be kinder to myself and not be skeptical about my own needs was really helpful. I’m very used to needing to be defensive, and I’m trying to work out of that; our discussions help greatly. From working with her, I make better decisions, increased self-worth, and am clearer on what I care about portraying to the world. Elizabeth has helped me train my brain to be ok with myself and see that there’s more in my power than I thought. To embrace the driven parts of my personality and habits but not get engulfed by them and spiral.

Robert C.   Chief of Staff at a Fortune 100 Company

Some of the key areas we focused on pertained to confidence, not going with what’s “made up” in my head, trusting myself, and not being afraid to fail. The helpful tools gained were from the activities along the way, watching them a few times to gain a better viewpoint each time. I already meditated, but the sessions also compounded on how helpful it can be, pushing me to try and do it even more. She encouraged me to do activities that highly benefitted me. I appreciated how well she understood me in such a short period because none of the activities wasted my time. Plus, Elizabeth explains why they would benefit, which I appreciate. From working with her, I know how to stay positive, what to do with negative thoughts, and how to be more resilient. I am more confident than I was before working with her. SHE’S INVALUABLE!

Brian T.   Vice President of a Fortune 50 Company

From the very first session, I could sense that Elizabeth is the right kind of coach for me. She was extremely disarming and genuinely interested in what I had to say. She can probably give a master’s class in active listening, but even more than that, it’s the empathy with which she listened to what I was going through that sets her apart from others. After 1 or 2 sessions in the discovery stage, Elizabeth through asking probing, yet not overly intrusive, questions helped me recognize some of the potential causes of why I am feeling the way I was. What was remarkable to me is that within a few sessions not only did I have a better understanding of myself but also Elizabeth provided very practical “assists” to help me cope with some of my challenges. These assists ranged from breathing techniques to mental queries to ground myself into facts and not give into negative rumination. It has been a year since I had my last session with Elizabeth. Since then, I am better equipped to handle my anxieties. I am more compassionate towards myself and shrug away negative self- talk. As a result, my relationships with family have improved, I feel more energetic during the day and sleep better at night and finally, I am thriving at the new company and taken up a management role recently. I am eternally grateful for the kind, insightful and practical help that Elizabeth has been to me. Elizabeth is the smart choice if you want transformative results.

Bill M.   Product & Engineering Manager at Fortune 50 Company

Elizabeth helped me get through a rough patch in my life journey. At that time, I had suffered a miscarriage and my father passed away two months later. I was also caring for my two small children and was completely overwhelmed by that responsibility. In just a few sessions, Elizabeth helped me shift my fear-based thinking and shed light on my abandonment issues. Elizabeth is friendly, open-minded, and insightful. Her coaching was a tremendous gift for which I am truly grateful!

Daneila G.   Business Manager

In the EXTREMELY short time I’ve known Elizabeth, I feel more empowered to do the hard thing that I know needs to be done. I am not putting it off.

Alice   Engineer at Fortune 500 Company

I came across Elizabeth’s profile while searching for a business advisor to aid me in my new venture. What stood out to me was her psychological approach and really aiming to get her clients into the “entrepreneurial mindset.” As a first time business owner and brand new entrepreneur, it was the exact approach that I needed to take to start my journey the right way. Elizabeth’s approach has really helped me and opened my eyes to see what features I had that already made me an entrepreneur and what areas I needed to improve upon to really set myself up for mental toughness and success! She is a very kind, yet stern when she needs to be because she believes in you and your ideas. If you’re a new entrepreneur, starting with Elizabeth is the best first step you can take. If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, it would still be just as beneficial to utilize her services because business is forever changing and mindsets need shifting as well in order to keep up! If you’re lacking in some areas and can’t quite figure out why – she is a great listener and will help you talk through any issue to understand why it’s happening and what you can do to start making changes. I would highly recommend Elizabeth!

MarQuia C., BS MA   Entrepreneur

I had the privilege of working with Elizabeth as my executive coach, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a truly gifted coach who possesses a rare combination of empathy, intelligence, and insight. Elizabeth helped me navigate some difficult leadership issues in my workplace, and I was consistently impressed by her ability to ask thought-provoking questions and provide clear, actionable advice.

Throughout our coaching sessions, I always felt that Elizabeth was genuinely invested in my success and well-being. She provided a safe and supportive space for me to reflect on my challenges and strengths, and she helped me develop a deeper understanding of myself as a leader. I found her guidance to be invaluable, and I credit much of my recent professional growth to her coaching.

In short, I can confidently say that Elizabeth Louis is an outstanding executive coach. Her expertise, empathy, and wisdom make her an asset to any individual or organization seeking to develop its leadership potential. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking to enhance their personal and professional development.

Josh E.   Vice President of Operations at Armcorp Inc

Elizabeth has a great approach to coaching. After each session, if she identifies an area of improvement, she will give you activities to shift your thinking. Overall she will help you develop a leadership mindset.

Bryce H.   Mechanical Engineer

I’m writing this recommendation because I truly feel Ms. Louis has helped me in a tremendous way. I am a business owner and I was always told to get business coaches to help me get through unforeseen and difficult situations, how to grow, how to lead, and many others. Well I proceeded to do that and I had some great advice from many, but there was still something missing and I really couldn’t put a finger on it until I started doing research on conceptual thought and behavior in which you would have to speak to a Neuropsychotherapist (NPT). Well then it clicked “how can you be a successful business owner if you’re not in great mindset or become a light switch one day your good and the next day down”. You have to have a great mindset. This is what Elizabeth can do for you for sure. My confidence and my mindset has hundredfold. There is nothing better then a humbled business owner.

Tim R.   President of Armcorp Construction

LEADERS: Sharpen your mindset with Liz! Whether you are a business owner/entrepreneur like myself, or someone that is simply looking to inspire more people, look to Liz for understanding and clarity about your mindset! Before my work with Liz, I had some negative feelings, fear-based mentality, and a pessimistic way thinking. With this, I was looking to gain further insight into my perfectionistic/”Type A” approach to life. With ease, a comfortable approach, careful questioning, and wisdom, Liz helped me transform my mindset to one of positivity, optimism, and faith! Of all of the investments that I have made in my personal/professional development, I consider my work with Liz to be the most-valuable. Without a “tweak” to my mindset, business strategy and financial analysis are irrelevant. Liz helped me understand what success truly looks like, and how a leader truly thinks/acts. A mentor of mine, who I have tremendous respect for, directed me to Liz. Now, it gives me great pleasure to recommend Liz to others. I continue to work with Liz to keep the mind sharp and gain further clarity to my approach with people. I will continue working with Liz, as she is an important part of my team. She is very easy to open-up to, and there’s no doubt she can help transform you to meet the demands of this modern business world. Liz is super-accessible, and has a variety of tools in her bag, which will be of great assistance in your journey. In addition to directly working with Liz (she’s outstanding in a virtual setting), I highly recommend her podcast: With this, she’s an incredible social media follow! I love seeing what she posts on a daily basis, as her content is always timely and resonates with me so well! I wholeheartedly endorse Liz, and I’m confident that she can help cultivate the positive mindset you need to thrive in today’s business climate! What can I say?!?! Liz is the BEST!

Dr. Scott C.   President of The Hetrick Center

Elizabeth is highly professional and an excellent coach. I can’t recommend her enough! I have been working with her for a month and a half and feel as though I have made more progress than my previous two years with my prior coach. Elizabeth will help you develop the winning mindset needed to succeed!

Trevor O.   Real Estate Investor

Being a $1M producer already going into 2022, my business is up almost 40% in spite of the market being down between 15-20% this year. Elizabeth has helped me to change my mindset and outlook when it comes to setting goals and expectations as well as helping to give me context for why I look at things a certain way which I love. There’s no doubt that she has helped contribute to my tremendous success and growth this year. 

I cannot give her a strong enough recommendation for this position.

Thanks so much,

FA   Morgan Stanley, Vice President (February 2023)

Elizabeth has been my Coach during every transitional period of my career. Elizabeth led me through the process of defining the values that guide my financial advising practice. She was instrumental in helping me articulate my brand and my “why” for being in the financial services business. Additionally, Elizabeth empowered my own self-confidence. She helped me find my own voice and advocate for my career development in away I hadn’t done previously.

Elizabeth took an overwhelming process and broke it down into smaller, palatable next steps to guide me through this transition. She helped me craft unique communication messages and approaches to managing diverse groups of clients. As well, she encouraged me to approach the entire process with curiosity and open the lines of communication and deepen my relationships with my clients. Her insights into human psychology are so needed ni this industry as advisors are often managing client biases and beliefs just as much as we’re managing their finances

Elizabeth is highly intelligent and provided insightful feedback at all instances. Her outsider’s perspective is exactly what’s needed in the financial services world as entrenched ideas need to be challenged.


Lauren G   Financial Life Advisor

My name is Rody Gonzales, Co-Owner of A+ Finish Carpentry, LLC. Since working with Liz, my leadership skills have improved very dramatically. Elizabeth has the ability to dig deep to the core where most of my issues were hiding. She helped me see them, and how they’re holding me back in my leadership role, she also helped me by implementing a plan to get rid of them. One of many vivid examples is this: In one session, Elizabeth helped me see one very strong issue that was holding me down, creating unnecessary stresses in my professional life. At that very moment, a revelation came to my mind, and we (Liz and I) named that issue and prayed about it. In her prayer, I clearly remember Liz calling out the issue and asking God to crucify it so it would no longer cause stress and unnecessary anxiety. From that moment on, my life changed for the better. I was able to stop other people’s work and started to focus on what matters most, my family and children. The difference is day and night. The stress level is gone. My body can feel it and is more relaxed. 

Thank you, Elizabeth Louis, for your help. I definitely want to keep working with you over the years to come.

Rody G.   Co-Owner & President of A+ Finish Carpentry

Elizabeth has a true gift in how she helps her clients with developing a WINNING MINDSET! I have been working with Liz on my mindset, from negative thinking traps to low self-esteem, and measuring out my actual naturally positive mindset to where I need to bring the negative mentalities to a healthier state and evaluate my own outcome between sessions. 

Practicing and measuring my growth has helped me overcome many fears that were not ever an obstacle in reality. This has helped me to be more personable with our employees and when communicating with our remote team. 

As an entrepreneur, I am looking for different mentors and professional coaching, listening to self-help books and such. Most times you have to build things up either on a template or exercises in the end, and they all kind of get shelved. What I like about Liz is how she brings truth, not just factual and medical, but biblical truth to heal and bring the ugly “thinking monsters” out. And help you as an individual identify what needs help! Everything is suggested and can work around your needs with a goal to reach.

Ana G.   Co-Owner & President of A+ Finish Carpentry

I engaged with Elizabeth to improve my mindset and overcome my perfectionist tendencies while also strengthening my resilience. With Elizabeth’s guidance, I have accomplished just that in just a few weeks. I have confidently made proposals and seized new opportunities without doubting my abilities. As an entrepreneur, this shift in mindset has been a complete game changer for me. Elizabeth, I am grateful for your support and guidance in helping me achieve this powerful transformation. Thank you, Liz.

Shira A.   Entrepreneur

Elizabeth is a remarkably outstanding professional.

Experience x Proven results x Efficiency x Speed. Times 10. Guaranteed. All done with integrity, unconditional love and support.

If you are a high performer looking for a permanent transformation rather band aid solutions, this is your chance to go beyond what you thought is possible.

Peter M.   SVP of International Business

Elizabeth had reached out to me for an initial discussion. From our first discussion, she was able to identify key characteristics as well as opportunities for growth. She has been a wonderful performance coach! In our first few sessions we discussed challenges that I faced that may be a hinderance to my performance and career, as well as my goals and aspirations.

Liz leverages her deep understanding of neuropsychology to create a data-driven approach in tackling her client’s blocks. I can attest that over the course of 6-weeks, she provided me with clear actions plans as well as practical tools to become more aware of myself, such that I am able to actively shift my mindset and thinking. I would highly recommend her a mentor, coach and therapist.

Gelline D. G   VP at Stout

Working with Elizabeth Louis has been one of the best experiences and easiest activity I have done in many years. Not to give anything away, however, the project of writing down who “I Am” has been especially rewarding and life-changing. Smile and take a Leap with Liz, it will be worth it.

Rochelle O   Financial Advisor

I was at an extremely low place in my career and life in general when I received an invitation for a free Mindset Makeover Consultation from Elizabeth Louis. Those 30 minutes changed everything! Without hesitation, I signed up for her program, which was transformational. My mind was freed from the limiting beliefs I had subconsciously been holding onto. My new mindset is one of confidence and freedom. I am focused and moving forward with projects that have been lingering for years. I am excited about my future and the future of my company. Working with Elizabeth over the last year has been life-changing, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend that you invest in yourself by working with Elizabeth Louis.

Carol O   Financial Advisor

I was looking to pivot my career and become a Fractional Executive. Elizabeth was instrumental in working with me on clarifying my goal, and identifying the blind spots/thinking traps I need to address for success. I desired a faith-based coaching approach and Liz was open and willing to provide it, respecting my preferences and needs. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a skilled coach to ensure peak performance as they make a significant life change.

John F.   Enterprise Sales Leader

Working with Elizabeth was a remarkable experience for a number of reasons leading to insights and positive changes in ways of thinking over a short period of time:

1.) Using psychometrics Elizabeth got to know aspects about me rapidly without having spent much time talking
2.) Elizabeth makes the hard work of challenging yourself to revisit belief systems look easy
3.) Elizabeth has an unwavering focus on building clarity, positivity & confidence

Michael N   Managing Director of a Fortune 500 company