What Thinking Trap is Limiting Your Performance?

Thinking Traps are automatic negative ways of thinking. Learn your automatic negative ways of thinking

Therapy Disclaimer: The purpose of this quiz is to provide you with general insight into which thinking traps you most participate with has been designed to help you identify your automatic negative ways of thinking. Please note, this quiz is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any mental health matter, but bring awareness to your thinking habits.

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Challenge the Thinking Trap

95% of our thoughts are the same each day, and on average, 80% of our thoughts are negative!

Thinking Traps are habitual, automatic, negative ways of thinking and the only way to break them is through AWARENESS! Especially seeing as 95% of our thoughts are the same each day. You can either wait until your awareness sharpens to start to challenge & distance yourself from these thinking traps, or you can take the FREE QUIZ now!

This quiz scores you on the 17 most common thinking traps.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t you want to have less suffering? Less mental anguish? Less hardship?

Are you ready to discover your most common thinking traps?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to catch yourself thinking with a thinking trap AND being able to label which thinking trap it is? 

Imagine being able to label the thinking trap and challenging that thought without skipping a beat. 

See where you score in 17 of the most common thinking traps

Awareness is the first step to change. Once you know the thinking traps you naturally participate in, creating change and mental shifts are just around the corner.

The Truth About Thinking Traps…

Every human on earth participates in automatic negative thinking, known as Thinking Traps. Unfortunately, only a handful of humans are consciously working to grow their awareness to shift their thinking away from these traps!

These thinking traps limit our performance because they cause us to miss important facts, make assumptions, waste bandwidth, make decisions based on emotions instead of logic, and much more! Thinking traps are broad negative belief systems that cause us to subscribe negative meaning to situations, and that meaning can shape our decisions.

Thinking Traps are easy to fall into without even knowing. Sadly, thinking traps only make our lives harder. These ways of thinking bring MORE suffering into our lives, not less! 

You can’t afford NOT to take this quiz! This quiz will help you learn which ones you most struggle with! 

This could be your first step to go from automatic negative ways of thinking to:

Hey, My Name is Elizabeth!

I help high-performers master their mindset to reach professional, personal, & financial success.

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I have 10-years of experience in neuro-psychotherapy & performance coaching.

Your thoughts & thought patterns will make or break you!

Identifying your thinking patterns is foundational for cognitive change and neuroplasticity to work most effectively.

We all have biases, which prevent us from performing at our peak. If you can discern your Automatic ways of thinking, transformation is easier!

Knowing Your Thinking Traps Helps You:

  • Grow your awareness
  • Identify what triggers you to think with a thinking trap
  • Challenge your “normal” way of thinking
  • Become intentional and less reactional
  • Think objectively & increase your performance

Ultimately, your life can Radically begin to change for the better!

It’s hard to discern something you don’t know you are doing. Take the quiz now to further your mental health journey in becoming your Best Self!

Part of mastering your mindset is learning your thinking patterns.

Take the quiz now to learn your thought patterns.


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