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Why You Have to Master Your Mindset

Why You Have to Master Your Mindset

By: Elizabeth Louis

Negativity is coming! It’s a matter of time before it smacks you across the head, screaming lies that tickle the heart of your insecurities.

Greatness takes work.

Greatness takes effort.

Greatness takes disciplined focus.

Therefore, you MUST master your mindset because EVERYTHING runs through your mindset.

Your mindset will change day to day when you allow your mind to control you vs. you control your mind. The trick is learning to create the mindset that most serves you, and that means you must grow your awareness to discover the weeds destroying your mental garden.

But you can’t just know where these weeds live. NO, you have to pull the root, which can take time to identify, especially when your mental garden has been abandoned. You know, where you agree with negative thinking, focus on what you don’t want to see happen, choose to go against your values, give up, allow fear to control you, and so forth!

Then you plant fruitful crops that benefit you and are aligned with your goals and aspirations.

Everything you do runs through your mindset – through your self-esteem, values, repressed memories, unprocessed traumas, fears, etc. If your mindset is not healthy and you are not aware of your unconscious biases – like the hostile gremlin or depressed gremlin, or critical gremlin who shows up more days than not- you are in trouble.

You will be limited. You might not know it, but when negativity, toxicity, and fear dominate your mental real estate, your performance will naturally be limited, and it will be harder to believe in the impossible.

Isn’t that what you are after? Making the impossible possible?

To master your mindset and take control of your mental real estate, you must be willing to become uncomfortable. You must be willing to let go of EVERYTHING that is not serving you.

Discipline is required, and mental perseverance is a necessity.

 Unfortunately, quitting is easier than pressing forward. Many people run the second the somatic sensations become unbearable instead of mentally pushing through them.

 Success becomes more obtainable when you can withstand the uncomfortable somatic and mental sensations in the long run! Success becomes more possible!

The next time discomfort consumes you, and you want to run, choose to sit, stay, and patiently observe what is going on inside of your being. Observe yourself. Note your thoughts. Redirect your thoughts to those that are serving, empowering, and are what you want to see in life.

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