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You Can Achieve It!

You Can Achieve It!

By: Elizabeth Louis

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

This famous quote is incredibly accurate! Even neuroscience and momentum psychology has proven such a phenomenon. If you keep telling yourself that you aren’t deserving and will never achieve your dreams, you are correct – you will not achieve your goals.


It’s impressive how detrimental low self-esteem can be.


Those Gremlins (what I call negative, toxic, & fear-based mindsets) get a hold of a person easier when they struggle with low self-esteem.

Here lies the real question, how does one transform their relationship with themselves to be empowering, trusting, and loving?


I have spent the last decade studying such a question. Why?


Because my background is filled with psychological, physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse. From age 7 to 28, my brother tried killing me. I have been shot at, strangled, choked, drowned, and had knives on my throat. Nothing was too small to set him off. One day, when I was 24, visiting my mom from out of town, I upset him by telling him not everyone can afford a Vitamix. The next thing I knew, a knife was on my throat.


Such insanity and psychopathic tendencies were what I faced each day, even after I moved out at age 16. I was always on the lookout because my life depended on it.


To make matters worse, most of my family died between my 7th and 16th birthday, with the first person being my father. Unfortunately, my mother did not know how to raise a child with sociopathic tendencies and spent most of her time rescuing him and neglecting me.


While she did put me in therapy, I was tired of therapists telling me I needed to see them weekly to discuss the pains of my life. I knew the pains better than they did. I started journaling at age 6 – identifying the pains was not the issue. I wanted TRANSFORMATION and I knew it was possible!


After two decades of going in and out of therapy and not getting the results I was after, I decided to pursue my own graduate degree in psychology. I never intended to become a therapist, let alone a performance therapist. I merely wanted to overcome my heartache, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, low self-esteem, and the emotional pain eating me alive.


I was after a REVOLUTIONARY transformation, and it took me a total of 5-years to fully transform. I walked out with low self-esteem, self-hatred, bitterness, rejection, fears, an autoimmune disorder, sickness, and more.


 Today I am one of the strongest people I know. A statement echoed by many people to this day.


What did I do?


I faced the fear in my psyche. 

I developed disciplined. 

I learned how to forgive. 

I learned to love myself.

I learned how to trust myself.

I learned how to give myself permission. 

I learned how to trust my instincts.

I learned how to optimize my brain.

I learned how to set boundaries.

I learned verbal self-defense. 

I learned how to self-direct neuroplasticity. 

I learned how to leverage failure.

I learned how to create mental hygiene that served me. 

I learned how to see hardship as the training ground for greatness!


I learned… I learned… I learned.


Today I share these learnings with high performers around the world.


I was willing to do what most people aren’t willing to do! I was even more willing to learn how to create evergreen transformations instead of the quick fixes that fade after two days to two weeks.


Today, I work with high performers worldwide, helping them master their mindsets and optimize performance.


In the last seven years, as a professional coach and now as a performance therapist, I have helped people create radical transformation in as little as two sessions!


I have helped financial advisors increase their closing rates by the millions. I have helped people break free from mindsets they have held for decades in as little as three sessions. 


Recently, a real estate firm has credited me with helping their business become a BILLION-DOLLAR company in four years.


This company credits me for “unlocking” another part of their mind. Perhaps, that’s why so many call me a real-life Wendy Rhoades from Billions.


The bottom line is this — if you can learn how to believe in yourself, develop persistence, and master your mindset, the impossible becomes possible. I am living proof of this!


Follow me on social media @elizabethlouiscoaching or on my podcast, THE LIZ SHOW to learn how to master your mindset, optimize performance, and achieve personal, professional, and financial success.


The greatest opponent you have lives in your mind – you have to learn how to win & that takes practice.