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Winners Intentionally Shift into a Grateful Mindset

By: Elizabeth Louis

I am thankful for all of those who said ‘no’ to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.”

Albert Einstein

What a great quote by Albert Einstein that beautifully encompasses optimism and gratitude. Are you thankful for the challenges you have faced? Do you believe what was meant to break you can actually launch you to greater heights?

Average-minded individuals often find themselves in a state of stress and neurosis when faced with problems. They tend to approach problem-solving in a linear manner, which only serves to complicate the search for a solution. In contrast, champions have learned the art of relaxation and non-linear thinking, which paves the way for creativity to flourish, leading them to the solution with ease.

Average-minded people struggle to shift out of negative, doom and gloom, and fear-based thinking, whereas world-class thinkers know how to shift out of negative thinking and into a higher way of thinking and vibrating. Remember, thoughts are energy, and energy has a vibrancy to it. If you want to be a world-class thinker, you will need to learn how to rise higher in your thinking, and that means operating from gratitude, abundance, and unconditional love. If you do this enough, in time, you’ll rarely, if ever, struggle with negative thinking due to the peace and unconditional love that takes over your being.

Champions understand that nothing is really theirs or truly in their possession. What I mean by this is people cannot be possessed, and things will eventually break and need to be thrown out.  In reality, we can only enjoy things that are in our space. It’s the average-minded individuals who are fueled by a lack of mindset and performance love who want to control, hold on to, and ultimately possess others and things.  When you understand that all we can do is enjoy, be grateful, and accept what is in our space, it is easier to detach from trying to control what cannot be controlled. Life is more about things and trying to keep things in our life. Everything has an endpoint – nothing visible will last forever.

Champions know gratitude is the fastest way to connect to a higher way of thinking and get out of the funk. Gratitude is the bridge to a force that generates the winner’s best ideas. The secular world refers to this source as the unconscious mind or their higher self. The spiritual world refers to this source as God. Regardless of your belief, few deny the power of the source.

Winners understand the thoughts and feelings of gratitude elevate their consciousness from a lower level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness in a matter of seconds. Being grateful allows the winner to detach from the end result and the outcome or try to keep what may not be meant to be kept in the first place but enjoyed. The pressure is removed by shifting into a state of gratitude, which leads to an abundant and unconditional love mindset. The champion shifts from uncertainty to trust that there is more than enough. The realization that there is more than enough allows winners to increase peace and hope inside of them, enhancing creativity and solution-focused thinking. Such a shift allows winners to remember that they will get the solution once they detach from the neurotic desire or need for control.

What’s the secret? Champions understand they are human beings and not human doings. Therefore, they focus on being and detach from doing. Both average-minded and world-class thinkers experience this phenomenon from time to time. However, the great ones are able to access it much more often because they are aware of the triggers that create a mental climate conducive to this state of mind. Gratitude is the mindset of choice when they need to awaken divine power and tap into their genius.

Gratitude is a secret weapon of world-class thinkers. They realize being grateful for their problems will elicit solutions. Winners understand that gratitude also helps create success.

Yesterday, I shared how positive thinking produces more positive thoughts and changes your neurology, allowing you to achieve your goals faster, find solutions faster, and enjoy your life more. Gratitude is one way you can spark positive thinking. Instead of focusing on what is missing or what you don’t have, you can be grateful for everything in your life, even unpleasant things, just as we see Albert Einstein express.

Action Plan

  1. Practice being grateful for your problems. Some of your problems are other people’s dreams
  2. Practice gratitude throughout the day, especially during idle times when our mind is more likely to wander

Let me know your takeaways in the comments, and consider scheduling a complimentary mindset coaching call to see how I can help you upgrade your mental performance.