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Faithful Moment: Encouragement When God’s Asking You to do Things that Freak You Out

By: Elizabeth Louis

This past week was a whirlwind of emotions for me, and I didn’t even realize it until I had an embarrassing wake-up call. I want to share my story with you because I believe it’s essential to be open and vulnerable about our struggles, as it can help others who might be going through similar situations. So, let’s dive into this rollercoaster of a week and the valuable lessons I learned from it.

The Backstory

It all started when I became fixated on one thing, like a dog with a bone. I was so focused on this particular aspect of my life that I had tunnel vision, making it easy for the devil to attack me. The Bible warns us to be sober, well-balanced, self-disciplined, alert, and cautious because the enemy, the devil, is always prowling around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

But it took an embarrassing moment to snap me out of it. I realized I was in the midst of a storm without even knowing it. Today, I’m going to share this embarrassing moment with you, in the hope that it will help you grow and prevent you from making the same mistakes I did. I’m not perfect, and I believe in transparency. There’s a difference between judging superficially and addressing sin, and I’m here to share my journey and the lessons I’ve learned.

The Prophecy

Before we delve into the recent storm, let me provide some context. In 2016, I received a prophecy that I would develop warriors for Christ, be on stage, and become a motivational speaker. This revelation was a deeply emotional moment for me, and it ignited a fire within me to pursue these goals. I share this not to boast but to underscore the beginning of my journey and the fear and excitement that it instilled in me. From 2016 to now, I’ve faced numerous challenges and uncertainties, but I’ve come to realize that everything is happening in God’s perfect timing.

Since 2016, I’ve had many other people prophesy similar things over my life. I’ve even had a dream in 2021 that aligned with these prophecies. God’s guidance became evident when, at the age of 30, I heard His voice telling me that at 33, my life would start making sense. Now that I’m 34, I can see His incredible plan unfolding before me.

## The Growth – Prophecy Manifestation

Two significant things have happened in my life recently:

1. The Program: I’m working on a program that focuses on developing warriors for Christ. It’s a 100% Christian spiritual, professional, and personal development program, a one-stop shop for Christian high performers. The transformation I’ve witnessed in my 1:1 Christians clients has been astonishing, and it confirms the program’s effectiveness. I’ve been diligently praying and seeking divine guidance to ensure that this program aligns with God’s will.

2. Hiring an Associate: Unexpectedly, I hired and trained an associate. This addition to my team was a pleasant surprise, and I’m excited to have her on board. I’m driven by a desire to remain humble and Christ-like, ensuring that success doesn’t change who I am but rather helps me become more like Christ.

The growth in my company has been extraordinary, but it also brought about unexpected stress and challenges.

The Storm Came

The past week, I found myself freaking out about my program and the rapid growth of my company. Even though God had warned me about potential spiritual attacks a few weeks prior, I still made several mistakes, allowing my fears and flesh to gain control.

The perfect storm unfolded with various factors contributing to my anxiety:

– The rapid growth of my company
– A heated argument with my boyfriend due to exhaustion
– My tendency to push people away, stemming from past traumas
– My unhealthy work schedule, leading to sleep deprivation
– An influx of bills and financial concerns

The Embarrassing Moment

In the midst of this turmoil, I had an embarrassing tantrum on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s not easy for me to ask for help, given my past experiences with dismissive responses. But I’ve learned that it’s essential to confess our sins and seek support from others.

To hear the specific embarrassing moment – listen to my podcast here.

I shared my struggles with my boyfriend named Sean, and he listened and prayed for me. The power of verbalizing my fears and anxieties was remarkable. I needed to process my emotions and find solace in someone who cared. Additionally, I was able to see where my flesh got the best of me.

My Flesh Got the Best of Me

During this chaotic week, my behavior and mindset were far from Christ-like. I lacked clarity, felt time pressure, doubted my program’s success, and struggled with unbelief and double-mindedness. I was operating in both faith and fear simultaneously, which is unsustainable because only one can win.

I was also discounting the positives and being overly competitive. The rejection mindset fueled my desire to rush and prove myself. Instead of having faith in God’s promises, I was driven by fear and impatience.

My heart was in the right place, wanting to help others grow in Christ, but I was approaching it in an unholy and distorted way. Fear and faith cannot coexist in the Christian walk, and I had to let go of my outcome-focused mentality in favor of an effort-focused one.

My Learnings From This Storm

From this experience, I’ve learned several valuable lessons:

1. When I’m stressed or operating outside of God’s peace, I’ve stepped out from under His umbrella of protection. It’s crucial to rely on God’s strength and timing, not my own.

2. Focusing on effort over outcomes is essential. I had been overly concerned about meeting my own deadlines rather than seeking God’s timing.

3. Like Peter in the boat, it’s natural to freak out when our faith is tested. However, I believe that as we grow in our faith, these moments of fear will become shorter and less intense.

4. Moses’ fear of failure taught me that God provides guidance and instructions; we need only to obey, trusting in His timing. God doesn’t work on our schedules, and it’s essential to lean into His trust.

5. Enjoying the present moment and appreciating what God has already given us is crucial. I missed God’s guidance several times during this week because I was too focused on what lay ahead and what I thought should happen that I got off track.

Reflect with this question

As I reflect on my journey and the recent storm I faced, I ask myself: Where could I have been more like Christ? What would Jesus have done in my situation? What do I need to start doing to become more like Him?

In this season, I’m working on crucifying my pride and selfishness, focusing on humility, contentment, and deepening my joy in the Lord’s presence.

In closing, I want to remind you that we all have our moments of weakness and fear, but it’s essential to acknowledge them, seek support, and refocus on God’s plans. I pray that my experience and lessons learned can encourage you in your own journey of faith and growth. Remember, you are not alone, and God’s grace is always available to guide you through the storms of life.

You cannot fail when you are whole heartedly seeking and following God.

Listen to the detailed story here.