Elizabeth Louis Coaching

Personal &Professional Development Coach | Consultant | Speaker


Brandon Farbstein says:

Elizabeth is one of those people who you bring in for one thing, but ends up delivering on way more. Her ability to seek out the root of the obstacles you're facing both personally and professionally is beyond transformational- it's a game changer, and a life changer.
She not only knows how to problem solve, but also on how to take your life to the next level. Elizabeth is the person to bring in to your life to help you reach that next step of greatness.

(Brandon is an empowerment speaker. You can watch his TedX talk by googling his name).

Austin C. says:

As a manager for one of the largest power washer machine companies in America, I highly recommend coaching with Elizabeth! Not only is she wise beyond her years she is also an incredibly intuitive woman. I have coached with her on many occasions and though I may feel uncomfortable at times I always leave feeling like I have a solid plan and am ready to put the plans we discuss into action. She has helped me overcome obstacles both at work and in my personal life, as well as, helped me see that I know most of the answers that I didn't think I had. I know that because of my sessions with Elizabeth I am further along in my life journey than I would have been without her coaching. Absolutely time well spent!

Lyndsi L. says:

I met Elizabeth through a mutual friend and I've had the incredible privilege to be a coaching client of hers. I was in a place of feeling "stuck" and I was unsure how to get unstuck. Working with Elizabeth has given me the courage to step out and take back control of my life. If you are in need of someone to walk with you to help you accomplish your dreams/goals or if you need someone to hash things out with, I cannot recommend Elizabeth enough.