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About Me

Who I am:

I would like to start with WHO I am versus WHAT and WHY I work as a coach. Many people negate the power of who an individual is by only focusing on what a person does.

My name is Elizabeth Louis, and I am a selfless, passionate, honest, authentic, caring, intense and direct individual. I believe in always remaining transparent, calm, mindful, and compassionate and I do not believe in telling people how to live their life or what decisions they should make.

 My communication style is (usually) to the point, direct, forthcoming, and saturated with love. Empowering people to create the life he/she desires and walking with the individual to achieve those goals are incredibly inspiring, liberating, and satisfying to me. GoaI setting is easy but changing your life to be congruent with those goals can be challenging. I stand by the belief that YOU are the expert in YOUR life; I want to help you create an action plan, hold you accountable, support and encourage you on the way to achieving your goals.

Anything I commit to I put my entire heart and soul into as well. I believe anything is possible and that an individual can become who he/she wants to be!  My mission in life is to empower people to live as their authentic, true self in every area of their life. I encourage people to achieve their dreams through providing support free of judgment.

What I Do and Why I Do it:

I was that hungry girl who did not comprehend why I had to wait to become "an adult" before I began working. At age thirteen I started my own clothing business that did fairly well. From age fifteen until twenty-four I worked as a professional model, actress, and producer. I received my Bachelors of Art in Television Producing from Savannah College of Art and Design in the Spring of 2014. 

Right after graduation, I traveled to Port Elizabeth, South Africa where I filmed a wildlife documentary. Living in Africa changed my life. It was there among the most beautiful and serene scenery I discovered my authentic life purpose - to help people live the life they desire! Before traveling to Africa, I had decided the wildlife documentary would be my last stint in production because I wanted to encourage people and empower people to live the victorious life they desired. I no longer wanted to participate in painting escapes or fantasies for people through the entertainment industry. Instead, I wanted to motivate people to go from mediocrity to achieving the victorious life they dreamed of living! 

Today, I empower people to achieve their goals and create the victorious life they desire to live! I work as a personal and professional development coach, which means I develop businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, and high-performing individuals to achieve their goals and be their best!  Also, I coach people to improve themselves personally, grow self-awareness & self-confidence, expand their thinking, learn how to communicate more efficiently, identify their values, discover their strengths and talents, and proactively create the life they envision of living!  

My Coaching Process:

Every individual is different and desire things others do not want. 

Therefore I work with the person to create a coaching plan that is unique to him/her! As a coach, my ultimate goal is to motivate YOU to live and not to exist

Right now, ask yourself :

  • Are you existing or are you living?
  • Do you wake up each day excited to participate?
  • Or do you find yourself dreading getting out bed?

Take your time!

The History of Elizabeth Louis Coaching:

Elizabeth Louis Coaching began in 2015 as I began learning and honing my skills as a professional coach. In the Fall of 2017, I received my Masters of Science in Positive Psychology with a subspeciality in Coaching Psychology. I also hold two coaching certifications: Board Certified Coach and ICF certified. Unlike most coaches I hold a Master's in Coaching, which means I am more well trained in coaching, psychology, and business psychology. My Master's was directly around learning the techniques and fundamentals of what makes an individual and a company excel. 

As a coach, I bring strategies, techniques, assessments as well as my previous experiences to the table. I am blunt, direct, and  will challenge you to develop yourself by keeping you accountable and honest to your desires. Most important of all - I am for you! I want you to succeed and will do everything in my power to always bring my best self and resources. I promise to work relentlessly for you, but ultimately it is your decision to make the changes.

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